профорієнтація (1)What is professional and career orientation?

Professional and career orientation is a system of youth training for a free and independent choice of profession. It is designed to take into account both the individual characteristics of each individual and the labor market as a whole.

The main tasks of the professional and career orientation sector of the Information Department of Lviv University are:

  • stimulating young people's interest in different occupations and sectors of science;
  • inducing potential entrants interest in studying at our universities;
  • development and carrying out various kinds of activities that contribute to occupational choice of applicants;
  • establishing and strengthening of relationships with schools and educational institutions to address the teaching of basic subjects;
  • cooperation with the Media to promote educational services of the University;
  • studying and adopting the best international experience on training young people;

Staff of the department directs its attention to young people by performing the following tasks:

  • give young people the information about the specialties, which are at the University.
  • steer vocational guidance of young people to choose their professions based on the context of employment, prospects of promotion at work and working conditions.
  • assist youth in identifying ways of acquiring professional education and professional development.

Main activities of the department of professional and career orientation are — the organization of:

  • Evenings
  • Excursions
  • Open House Days
  • Educational exhibitions