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What is meant by the term “fundraising”?

«Fundraising» is a loanword from English (“fund”  – money, funding,” raise’ – collect, get). Fundraising at  University is a search for additional resources for the implementation of educational, scientific, and innovative projects. On the one hand, searching of some financial resources is important in this process. But on the other hand, fundraising is also the science of successful convictions of others that our university activity deserves attention and support.

The main objectives of the Sector of Fundraising Division at Lviv University are:

  • search for potential donors;
  • university study requirements according to the interests of potential donors and their level of understanding of our problems;
  • constant work with potential donors (formation, maintenance and development of relations);
  • formation of positive public opinion about the activities of the University;
  • search and analysis of funds that provide various kinds of scholarships for study and research purposes;
  • drafting for submission of tenders and grants;
  • constant monitoring programs of existing Ukrainian assets and funds of the European Union.

Ways of financial aid:

  • charitable donations
  • donations for a specific purpose
  • by organizing different events

The objects of fundraising are different categories of donors, here are the main ones?

  • companies and private enterprises
  • individuals, for example, graduates and university professors, businessmen, and politicians, celebrities seeking their promotion;
  • donors are often anonymous benefactors;
  • various kinds of funds.

Explanation of Terms “donor”, “patron”, “sponsor”

Donors are organizations whose mission is to provide financial assistance on a competitive basis.

Patrons – charity helping of individuals on a voluntary basis.

Sponsors – some help from businessmen and individuals on certain mutually beneficial terms.