візуальна ідентифікація

What is meant by visual identification?

“Visual identification” is a model of a single recognizable brand of the University. “Brand” originates from English and means – “mark”) – represents the complex of information about product. On the one hand, those are individual attributes: logo, name, type, design, color that distinguishes the University. On the other hand, “brand” is reputation, image and vision of the University.

The elements of visual identification are used for:

  • souvenirs
  • means of PR- campaigns, promotional products
  • stationery items.
  • office work
  • university seals and stamps
  • university facilities (stands, exhibitions, inventory numbers on university property)
  • diplomas

What is meant by corporate style?

“Corporate style” is a set of color, graphic, verbal, printing, design elements that provide visual and semantic unity of all the University information.

What does University need unified corporate style?

  • provide University recognition;
  • increase positive assessment in the community
  • improve the image and reputation of the University
  • ensure the integrity and unity of the University
  • improve effectiveness of advertising

The main task of the sector is:

  • to organize and form a unified system of visual identification of University
  • to control a single corporate identity of the University web pages in social networks, in presentations, in advertising printing and other products;