рейтинг сектор

What does University ranking mean?

Ranking is a numeric indicator that characterizes success, popularity of the institution (University), and gives it a place in a particular category, topic.

Why to monitor the rankings of the universities?

  • to stimulate the improvement of the quality of educational services
  • to analyze and compare the features of the educational process, training and practice in other universities
  • to motivate University to assess the demand for it services in the labor market
  • to increase the efficiency of interaction between the University and businesses, employers.


The main tasks of the ranking sector:

  • Collection, analysis and publication of university rankings
  • Presentation of the University in thematic and general webometrics rankings
  • Analysis of the methods of the world webometrics rankings to develop practical recommendations for improving the position of the University in rankings
  • development of the method of webometrics site ranking of the university departments

What rankings are worked out and studied by the sector?