What is «Рublic relations?»

«Рublic relations» is a systematic and always carried out activity to equality of the information exchange and, therefore, mutual understanding between the University and the public.

Рublic relations are divided into:

  • internal PR

establishing a productive relationship between internal structural divisions of the university, academic staff, and students, for the positive atmosphere of the University Life

  1. development of internal communication policy
  2. harmonization of the relationship between structural divisions
  3. independent information support of all departments of the University
  • External PR

creating a positive public attitude to the University, supporting and improving the brand of the University in the media space

  1. A release of printed materials (newspapers, magazines, brochures etc.)
  2. Active information policy in the Media, web resources and social networks
  3. Actions and measures to promote the University in business, in particular, information on services that can provide University, scientific and educational achievements etc.

The project of actions and PR management strategies of the University

  • Alumni
  • Organization of Open House Days for students
  • Organization of Open House Days for media
  • Organization of clubs
  • Career Fairs
  • The celebration of the University anniversaries
  • Business games involving the university community, alumni, celebrities
  • Organization of trainings, seminars, lectures, workshops, flash mobs
  • Tours of the University buildings
  • Contests and flash mob

The main target groups for the PR campaign are:

  • Applicants
  • Students
  • Parents of students
  • Graduates
  • Other workers
  • Employers
  • Business structures
  • Local authority
  • Potential sponsors
  • Media
  • International Partners